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Highest and Lowest Tuitions of Ranked US Colleges & Universities

US News & World Reports ranks colleges annually. Below are the colleges and universities with the highest and lowest tuitions among those ranked in the 2022-2023 list. Note that US News ranks colleges and universities in several separate lists (National Universities, National Liberal Arts Colleges, etc.) and we have indicated on which list the school is ranked below.

Top 10 Highest Tuitions among US News Ranked Schools

Tuition & FeesCollege/UniversityUS News Rank
1.$66,490Kenyon College#31 National Liberal Arts Colleges (tie)
2.$65,844Franklin & Marshall College#39 National Liberal Arts Colleges (tie)
3.$65,524Columbia University#18 National Universities (tie)
4.$65,222Tufts University#32 National Universities (tie)
5.$65,146Brown University#13 National Universities (tie)
6.$65,028Colorado College#27 National Liberal Arts Colleges (tie)
7.$64,800Vassar College#13 National Liberal Arts Colleges (tie)
8.$64,726University of Southern California#25 National Universities (tie)
9.$64,290Colgate University#18 National Liberal Arts Colleges (tie)
10.$64,176Boston College#36 National Universities (tie)

Top 10 Lowest Tuitions among US News Ranked Schools

Tuition & FeesCollege/UniversityUS News Rank
1.$1,008United States Merchant Marine Academy#3 Regional Colleges North
2.$4,416Brigham Young University--Idaho#14 Regional Colleges West (tie)
3.$5,182Inter American University of Puerto Rico--Ponce#68 Regional Colleges South (tie)
4.$5,254Inter American University of Puerto Rico--Aguadilla#103-135 Regional Universities South
5.$5,292Inter American University of Puerto Rico--Arecibo#103-135 Regional Universities South
6.$5,292Inter American University of Puerto Rico--Fajardo#76-99 Regional Colleges South
7.$5,292Inter American University of Puerto Rico--Guayama#76-99 Regional Colleges South
8.$5,292Inter American University of Puerto Rico--San German#94 Regional Universities South (tie)
9.$5,443Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico--Arecibo#331-440 in National Universities
10.$5,505Caribbean University#103-135 Regional Universities South