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Julie Margetta Morgan, JD, PhD Biography

Education Counsel for US Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-NJ)
Pro to the question "Is a College Education Worth It?"

“Plenty of evidence suggests that, on average, a college degree is worth it. College graduates make an average of 84 percent more over the course of a lifetime than those who only attend high school. The unemployment rate for young college grads is under 5 percent, compared to more than 13 percent for young people with only a high school diploma. And a recent Brookings Institution paper showed that the return on a college investment is more than that on almost any alternative, including stocks, bonds, gold, or the housing market.”

“College Is a Safe Bet,, Nov. 17, 2011

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Education Counsel, US Senator Elizabeth Warren(D-NJ), 2013-present
  • Director of Postsecondary Access and Success, Center for American Progress, Nov. 2012-Feb. 2013
  • Associate Director for Postsecondary Education, Center for American Progress, May 2010-Nov. 2012
  • Teaching Fellow/Adjunct Professor, Boston College, Sep. 2008-May 2010
  • PhD, Higher Education, Boston College, 2006-2010
  • JD, Boston College Law School, 2006
  • BA, Philosophy, The College of William and Mary, 2003
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