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Con to the question "Is a College Education Worth It?"

“If you think of college as opening doors after graduation, the debt closes those doors. Because you can only go after jobs that can service the debt which takes out about half the jobs that you could be getting… Because you won’t earn enough to pay back the loans each month. You won’t earn enough, for example, to live in a city where there are other young people and have your own apartment or your own place to live and pay back the debt. So then you have to start looking only at jobs that pay, say $20 an hour as opposed to jobs that pay $10 an hour.

…But, in general we are not learning in college anything that’s useful in the workforce, and colleges right now are acutely aware of that and are trying to figure out how to re-position themselves, either as learning for the sake of learning, or becoming more vocational depending on the school. And companies are shifting how they hire people to focus more on what people do as opposed to where they’ve been educated.”

Interview with CNN, available at, May 31, 2013

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  • Cofounder, Quistic, Aug, 2013-present
  • Cofounder, Brazen Careerist, 2007-present
  • Freelance Journalist, Boston Globe and Yahoo, 2001-2008
  • Cofounder, eCitydeals, 1998-2000
  • Cofounder,, 1996-1998
  • Website Manager, Ingram Micro
  • Professional beach volleyball player
  • Graduate degree, English
  • Undergraduate degree, Brandeis University, 1990
  • Penelope Trunk’s given name is Adrienne Roston
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