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Is a College Education Worth It?

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  • +37 +70 -33 Doan Feb. 16, 2015
    "College will help you keep a job, because they can afford to keep educated citizens, help you overcome obstacles, and make you a better person and life, it teach you not to give up when time are hard."
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  • +13 +33 -20 Stacy Sep. 21, 2015
    "I think it depends on the field that you are going to school in and the time of age that your living to see whether or not its worth it. Medical and pharmaceutical jobs are always needed, so therefore I believe that that is one good subject to go to school and get a degree in, it will become very useful and I believe most grads will have no problem in being employed once graduated. Most of them are extremely well paid and can usually pay off their debt pretty quickly if disciplined and responsible."
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  • +11 +64 -53 Gray,Markinez Apr. 29, 2014
    "College is some of the best times in your life I believe every child should witness it."
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    • 0 +5 -5 Eithne Oct. 28, 2015
      "a lot of kids who want need and deserve it won't afford it so, yeah."
    • -4 +2 -6 Josephine M. Jun. 17, 2015
      "I agree!"
    • -5 +6 -11 Cody Felix May. 8, 2014
      "That is very true and it brings a better salary."
    • -7 +5 -12 Josh Hendrix Jan. 6, 2015
      "You have better job opportunities, then scrubbing the floors or flipping burgers at McDonald's."
  • +7 +33 -26 brielle Oct. 27, 2014
    "most of the time you can have a better life style by earning money so that you can get more in life"
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  • +5 +25 -20 Josephine M. Jun. 17, 2015
    "Yes, it should be free. Anyone should be able to learn. Please reply with your thoughts."
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    • +3 +3 0 a reliable source Mar. 16, 2017
      "hello josephine, i disagree"
  • +4 +19 -15 Hance Apr. 18, 2016
    "Student debt, student debt, blah blah blah... This is bull ****. It's nearly 100% ELECTIVE. I say this from personal experience. I had no grants. I had NO loans of any kind. I literally paid my way through school working mostly 52-55 hours a week. I made sure I lived unbelievably spartan, and I worked at a restaurant where I could eat usually for free. This was by design, so that I could save save save save save to pay for tuition and books. Then, when my daughter went to college, I paid for most of her college and I required that she get a part time job to pay for the remainder. She too had no loans to pay back. Seriously; get a clue people! You are owed NOTHING. You want it, go get it!!!"
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    • +3 +4 -1 Marie Nov. 7, 2016
      "I have a feeling that your tuition and fees were a lot lower than mine - $6k for a full time load, a semester, at a regional state university - not including books. I don't know about you, but I didn't have $2k a month to devote to college after working two jobs. My fees were more than my tuition which was sad because I could afford the tuition. You can't work a part-time job and pay for college and living expenses. It's simply not possible any longer like in the 70s and 80s, BUT you are not entirely wrong, students can still look for ways to lower their costs and avoid too much debt."
  • +3 +8 -5 bob Dec. 5, 2017
    "yes because many people learn more in college and get a bigger selection between jobs they want."
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  • +2 +5 -3 Samanth Mar. 17, 2017
    "I think that college education is worth it for many reasons. One reason is collage graduates make more money. They make 30,000 more dollars then high school graduates. So over a life time they can make a lot more then people who did not go to high school. Another reason that College education is worth it is more and more jobs require college degrees. 63% of jobs you will need a college education or a degree. Everyone wants to get a good job. Lastly, College graduates are healthier and live longer. 83% of collage graduates say they are in perfect health. High school graduates say the same, but only 73%. In conclusion I think that collage education is a good idea and is worth the money."
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  • +2 +9 -7 Chantel Mar. 25, 2016
    "Is college worth it?

    College is worth it because people who went to college make more money a year. People with a bachelors degree make 30,000 more money per year than a high school graduate. People need jobs right? Jobs requiring some college of associates degree grew by 187,000. College allows students to explore career. Over 80% of college students complete internships before graduation."
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  • +2 +12 -10 Ray Feb. 10, 2016
    "I rather have college degrees to my name rather than having a basic high school diploma. Just like many said, more and more jobs are requiring college degrees regardless if you can preform the job without it. during highschool it was terrible but while I'm at college, the experiences, people, life and professors I meet open doors for me I never thought I'd be able to open for myself. College is a must, yes we might be in debt afterwards. I personally don't want to be a manger at McDonalds or work at a fast food joint for the rest of my life. I want to become someone in life, knowing I worked my butt off to be at the position I want. It took my mom 12 years to pay off her student loans, but it was worth it. Being In the medical field isn't a "easy" task. Rather than asking your child what they want to be in life and then telling them "oh you cant do that because we don't have the funds" it complete rubbish. Go to college and get a education, you'll be surprise what greats things will happen."
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  • +2 +11 -9 Lindsay Jan. 12, 2016
    "When you go to collage you get a higher and better education. It will also help you get e better job. It may be hard at first, but stick to it and it will get better. If you are worried about having money for collage, you can apply for a scholarship, or try and get a grant. BUT before you go you must know what you want to be, because if you don't you may do all that work then not like the job you receive. The only person who can decide wither or not it is easy is you."
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  • 0 +5 -5 josh Nov. 2, 2017
    "Because it gets you ready for life ahead"
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  • 0 +26 -26 genesis Oct. 3, 2014
    "yes because college would help you with your income in the long run. college students with bachlor degress earn $30,000 more per year than high school students"
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  • 0 +29 -29 Cwayton May. 13, 2014
    "You can get a better job, get more money, etc."
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    • +1 +1 0 OBal Mar. 2, 2016
      "I cant emphasize enough on the ETC. very important key point in your comment"
    • 0 0 0 batman1375 Mar. 22, 2017
      "dude can you elaborate on the etc i am very confuzzled"
  • -2 0 -2 Ari Feb. 19, 2019
    "Despite the cost of a college education, I believe that a college degree is very beneficial for a person's future and career. An individual's college years are the prime years for them to grow and really find themselves and figure out who they are."
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  • -3 0 -3 Allahna Lacy Jan. 29, 2019
    "i don't think it should be free because they also need to run the college make sure you have heat and cold and it also gives you food and pays for your'e dorm"
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  • -3 +1 -4 link Jan. 8, 2019
    "Make tons of cash ????"
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  • -3 +5 -8 Joseph Smith Oct. 21, 2016
    "I am for college. I have been a blue collar nearly my whole life, I am 32 and attending college at a later stage in life because I took a long way to get here and let me say no matter the cost of an education it is worth it. I have worked everywhere and it's, all the same, you never climb the ladder and if you do . You can only go so far without an education. The question you should ask is where do you want to be when your 60? The cost is next to nothing because whether you get in debt with tuition from school you will always be in debt! There is always a bill or loan that you can't fully pay it's just the way life is. SO GET A HIGHER EDUCATION!!!!!"
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  • -3 +6 -9 Allyson May. 25, 2016
    "I think that a college education is important because you get good degrees and applications plus you have a big chance of getting a better job and you get more education.
    On average a college graduate with a bachelors degree earned $30,000 more than a high school graduate, or about $500,000 more over a life time, as of April 2013.
    During the recession between Dec. 2007 and Jan. 2010, jobs requiring college degrees grew by $187,000.
    Students have the opportunity to interact with other students and faculty, to join students organizations and clubs, and to take part in discussions and debates."
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  • -3 +7 -10 Bianca May. 23, 2016
    "College graduates aged 25 to 32 who are working full time earn about $17,500 more annually than their peers who have only a high school diploma, according to the Pew Research Centre, a think-tank. But not all degrees are equally useful. And given how much they cost--a residential four-year degree can set you back as much as $60,000 a year--many students end up worse off than if they had started working at 18."
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  • -3 +6 -9 Finn May. 11, 2016
    "College Ed yes

    Reason 1 college yes
    Evidence, college degree $1,300 per week with high school diploma $652 per week.

    Reason 2 yes
    Evidence college grads are healthier.

    Reason 2 no bad things
    Evidence 4-year degree public university with every thing you will need comes out to about 60,000$."
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  • -3 +3 -6 Bridgett Mar. 25, 2016
    "College education
    College education is very important,college will help you a lot in later life like your job and insurance. College will get you prepared for later life and you could go to school for certain things like doctor that takes 8 years of med school.There are also degrees in certain things that help you Later in life.I think college is a very important thing and you should save up for your kids when they are little so you are prepared in later life."
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  • -3 +3 -6 Madison Mar. 23, 2016
    "College education
    Do you want to go to college when you grow up? Well, if you do, I'm here to tell you I think college education is a good idea.
    The first reason is that more jobs need college degrees now. From 2007-2010, jobs that required college degrees grew by 187,000!
    The second reason is because people can explore more career options. Over 80% of college students completed internships before they graduate.
    The third reason is because graduating is a major life achievement. College graduation can represent the American Dream.
    In conclusion, I think college education is worth it, because more jobs need college degrees, people can explore more career options, and it's a major life achievement. What do you think?"
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  • -3 +5 -8 Ally Feb. 15, 2016
    "Not sure you want to go to college?
    By Ally
    Not sure you want to go to college? I may make your mind up. I am for college and this is why.
    Reason why I say yes is when you are in collage you live longer and are healthier. Don't believe me? Some people study health so they know not to do anything that could be life threatening. Even if you don't study that major you can still be healthy by no smoking or bad habits on school grounds.
    Another is students make MORE money. Students bachelors degree is $30,000 more or $500,000 more in a lifetime also earning a associate's degree is $170,000 more than a high school. If that was a 2 year degree.
    Last reason is a lot of people are struggling with saving money. There are books,one of many books is "Debit Free U" by Zac Bissonnette. He talks about how you can save a lot of money super easy.
    In conclusion, college is a good idea in my opinion and hopefully in yours too. I hope this helped you make your mind up about going to college or not."
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  • -3 +10 -13 Steven Jul. 28, 2015
    "Critical Thinking is an incredibly important skill to have. Consider the controversy over aspartame that forced Pepsi to abandon the artificial sweetener aspartame. There should be no controversy. With basic research skills, you can find out that aspartame has been proven safe by a ridiculously large number of studies. Instead, we listen to the logical fallacy of appeal to nature and reject aspartame just because it's labeled as "artificial.""
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  • -3 +20 -23 cami Nov. 19, 2014
    "You can get a better education with a college degree and I'm a freshman in high school doing a project for school and it's sad on how many kids wont go to college or know what college is."
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  • -3 +23 -26 Jay T. Nov. 3, 2014
    "As a freshman in college, the experience is indeed delightful. Those who have financial issues with college should consider getting financial aid. I have a friend who is attending UCI with EVERYTHING paid thanks to financial aid. As for me, without financial aid, I would have had to pay $600 for my semester, but since I do have financial aid, in the end I only had to pay $40 and I am sure most of America has $40 to pay for their college. After college, with a degree, it will help you get higher paying CAREERS, not jobs. Careers that will pay salaries. And if you aren't a fortunate person who could get financial aid, it is worth the extra mile for that better life."
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  • -3 +21 -24 Morgan V. Oct. 3, 2014
    "The debate over whether a college education is worth it may have begun when the colonists arrived from Europe and founded "New College" (later renamed Harvard University) in 1636. With 19.9 million US college students in 2013 and average student debt at over $26,500, the debate continues today. So this means that college education has been important for about 3 centuries and will continue to be important in later life."
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  • -3 +21 -24 Julius Jun. 17, 2014
    "While the costs of college has undeniably increased, there are plenty of affordable college options. People tend to go to college by how good they look on paper, with an exorbitant pricetag to boot. A student beginning at the community college and transitioning to a public, state-funded school will have considerably less debt than someone who insists on going to a private institution or other expensive institution. It is NOT about the translation of degree to dollars, even though college graduates tend to earn significantly more. It is about the quality of jobs available to college graduates. I think it safe to say that most people would rather earn a little bit less at a job that is stimulating and relevant to my interests than one in which I have to dig ditches in the blazing sun."
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    • 0 0 0 Winterzombie Oct. 1, 2014
      "I started at community college and transitioned to a bigger institution and I have just as much as debt as a regular college student. it does not matter where you start off. You should want to get your debt paid off as soon as you can, and if that means taking a job where you dig ditches, then fine do that and pay off your debt so you can spend the rest of your life doing what you want."
  • -3 +33 -36 Cody Felix May. 8, 2014
    "I think college is a good thing if you have a college degree (not an AA) you can get much more money so in the long run its better."
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    • -2 +1 -3 Batman May. 8, 2014
      "Very true."
  • -4 +1 -5 Anissa Jun. 28, 2017
    "It's not about if it's worth it because all education is valuable, but it's what you can afford to educate yourself with. You read to exhaust every effort into achieving a higher learning through continuing education at universities or college"
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  • -4 +1 -5 Jonathan Smith May. 5, 2017
    "Few people with talent succeed even without education, but the most without talent of any sort who are determined with education succeed and climb to the middle class. So those who think in their mind education does not worth is pretty much ignorant and illiterate."
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  • -4 +1 -5 Scarlett Apr. 20, 2017
    "I think you should go to college!! One reason i think you should go to college is because 63% jobs require a college education. 85.2% freshman said you would get a better job if you go to college. The 2 reason is you are more likely to have better Health Insurance. 70% college graduates said they had assed to employer health insurance.Health insurance would help you pay for dentists and doctors appointments. The last reason is that you are better property rate. 12% college graduates get better property rate. That is why I think you should go to college."
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  • -4 +1 -5 Ava Apr. 10, 2017
    "I think that college education is important. 85.2% of college freshmans said they went to college to get a better job. This shows that people in college think that college helps you get a better job. The next reason I think college education is important is that 70% of college graduates have access to health insurance. This shows that health insurance is important to people that go to college also the shows that these people might want to have a family one day. The last reason why I think that college-educated she is a good idea is because people that go to college to get better jobs and get paid better. This shows that college graduate want to have a house and maybe a family. That's what I think that college-education is important"
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  • -4 +1 -5 Justin Mar. 27, 2017
    "Is college worth it? Well I think it is and let me explained why. First College grates make a lot more money. At the absolute. least a college graduate would make 30,00 dollars a year. A college graduate would over all make 500,000 more over a lifetime. 63% of jobs require a college degree and even if you don't want a job in that 63% you could get a job that doesn't require one. Lastly you could get any job you want to wither it requires a degree or not and a least with a degree you look a lot better going to apply for a job. For example if you and another person went up for a job and you had a degree and the other person didn't who would you pick for that job I would pick the one with a degree. Finally GO TO COLLEGE IT WILL HELP YOU SURVIVE."
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  • -4 +1 -5 Emma Mar. 20, 2017
    "You should get a college because you can get more money. It can also make you have health insurance and a lot of jobs need college degrees. First of all you can make lots of money. For example an average college degree can make up to 30,000 dollars a year. That a lot of money for one year and that just one of the benefits. This is one of the benefits because have a hard time trying to get money or don't get payed a lot of money. But with this application you can get lots of money for your time there. Another one of the benefits is that it's most likely that you will have health insurance. Health insurance is amazing because then you don't have to pay out of pocket you will have your health insurance. Also more then 70% or more college degrees have health insurance. So it's most likely that you are going to have health insurance. Also it has the retirement plans so when you are retired and not getting payed anymore you can still go to the doctors. Lastly more and more jobs require a college degree. Over 63% of jobs require college degrees. This is happening because one they are getting payed more and have more benefits so you can have more benefits and get payed more if you go to college."
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  • -4 +1 -5 Penelope Mar. 17, 2017
    "I'm going to give you some reasons why college is worth it because it's very educational!
    Reason one, you could make a lot more money! One of the pros that I have found is that college graduates that have their college degree or bachelors degree found that they made and earned more money that non graduates. I think you should do this because you could have more money in your lifetime! Reason two, if you go to college you could get better jobs that pay more and that are better than just working at a grocery store or a cafe. I think this because if you go to college you could get a better chance in getting better jobs and earning way more money that working somewhere else. Reason 3, did you know college graduates have more employment opportunities? 85% of college freshmen in 2015 said they would want to get the job they have been dreaming about and that said it happened! Did you also know that more and more jobs keep wanting college degrees and bachelors degrees and most of the jobs that need the degrees they are really good paying job. I personally think college is worth it even though it take a bit of money! College is good for the brain and it's good to learn more about stuff in this weird creative world called EARTH!"
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  • -4 +2 -6 Emma Mar. 17, 2017
    "You should get a college degree because it can make you more money. It can also make you have health insurance and a lot of jobs need college degrees. First of all you can make lots of money. For example an average college degree can make up to 30,000 dollars a year. That a lot of money for one year and that just one of the benefits. This is one of the benefits because have a hard time trying to get money or don't get payed a lot of money. But with this application you can get lots of money for your time there. Another one of the benefits is that it's most likely that you will have health insurance. Health insurance is amazing because then you don't have to pay out of pocket you will have your health insurance. Also more then 70% or more college degrees have health insurance. So it's most likely that you are going to have health insurance. Also it has the retirement plans so when you are retired and not getting payed anymore you can still go to the doctors. Lastly more and more jobs require a college degree. Over 63% of jobs require college degrees. This is happening because one they are getting payed more and have more benefits so you can have more benefits and get payed more if you go to college."
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  • -4 +1 -5 Olivia Mar. 13, 2017
    "Do you think collage is a good idea, I think so.
    One reason is because you get good money, you get good money if you get a bachelor degree you earn 30.000 dollars. Also earning an associate degree ( 2 years) is worth about 170,000.
    Another reason is they will be a good job. You will get a better job if you go to college! Only 34 percent of American jobs require a high school diploma. Lastly most likely you will get health insurance and re- tire plans .70 percent of college graduates has access to employment health insurance. I think college is good help for you in many way!"
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  • -4 +2 -6 Mariah Mar. 10, 2017
    "Do you think going to College is a good idea or bad idea?
    I think that going to college is a good idea because you ( child) can ear more money for adult hood, also you can get good jobs, finally you get to about youngadult skills. First reason is you get some Money ( LOTS ), an average college graduate with a bachelors degree earns $30,000 more then a high school graduate.
    A high school graduate gets less money then if you go to college, in other words you would be able to do a lot more if you go to college.
    Also, you can get goodJobs.
    First, college freshman in 2015 said that they were going to tend college to get a good job, You can go to college to get more knowledge and a good job.
    Finally, Young adults learn interpersonal skills in college.Students have the opportunity to interact with other students. In other words, You will learn more so you will be prepared for adult years.
    In conclusion, I think that going to college is a good idea and helpful in life for many reason. What do you think?"
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  • -4 +3 -7 Paul Feb. 20, 2017
    "All but two of those quoted on both sides went to college. 14 of 22 have degrees advanced enough that they have letters after their names. One of the two who did not attend college is a genius savant who was recruited by the CIA and earning $80K when he was a senior in high school (clearly not someone who required college to be successful).

    So what we've got is the opinions of 20 people who attended college, one genius outlier, and one person who seems to be the exception that makes the rule.

    In my opinion, the educational background of those quoted speaks volumes about the value our society places on college, regardless of where they side in this particular discussion."
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  • -4 +1 -5 jessica tucker Jan. 18, 2017
    "yes you think education and trying to furthure it is a pro , while yes it has down sides like student loans but you would be studying something i hope they love and trying to furuthure their education for it to have the job they want that pays for what they want because in all honesty who would be wanting to flip burgers for the rest of their life because they didnt go to college for 4 years?"
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  • -4 +20 -24 James Danner Feb. 23, 2015
    "It doesn't matter if you get debt from attending college. Education comes first."
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  • -8 +20 -28 will Oct. 3, 2014
    "i see this as an oppertunity to be ahead for money it because money is what the world goes round and makes a different in education and the wage you recieve in life."
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  • -10 +23 -33 lj wilson May. 12, 2014
    "yes because if you want to go to the nba you have to go through college order to go and have a good education to be success"
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    • +1 +1 0 brad Mar. 1, 2016
    • 0 0 0 batman1375 Mar. 22, 2017
  • -15 +18 -33 michael Feb. 18, 2015
    "yes because it helps you go to professional sports teams"
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    • +1 +2 -1 Josh Glass Feb. 2, 2016
      "Professional sports teams. Honestly, getting paid so people can watch you play a game. There needs to be more importance focused on engineering and the sciences, but I am Pro on going to college."

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  • +42 +66 -24 Johnny E May. 7, 2015
    "College is only worth it if the career path you've chosen (doctor, attorney, engineer, etc) requires that you have a college degree in that profession. Going into serious debt for a non-marketable degree just so you can go to work at Starbucks isn't worth it. Make sure that degree is going to pay off in the end. Otherwise, find a trade you think would like (welding, electrician, HVAC, etc) and go for it. If you want an education, go to community college and get a library card."
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    • +7 +8 -1 tyrese Mar. 3, 2016
    • +1 +1 0 Jduke Jan. 29, 2019
      "What about teachers? Most states require *at least* a BA degree to get a job, but then the pay does not reflect the schooling required. Still, more states require Masters and while those states may pay more on average the cost of living is also higher. We will never *not* need teachers, so what would you say to those who are required to obtain a degree to follow their passion of helping change lives with an open door to education?"
    • -3 +4 -7 Jacob Grace Jan. 11, 2016
      "Sorry Johnny E but your thinking of higher education"
  • +8 +10 -2 Stefanie Apr. 11, 2018
    "People go to college to find what they are passionate for....People should find what they are passionate for and pursue it. If it requires a degree then go to college but of it doesn't its okay to decide not to go when they know what they want."
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  • +8 +9 -1 Siyu Jun. 28, 2017
    "From college graduates' higher salary and lower poverty rate, we can't just deduce that college enhanced their success. The reason may be that those who are admitted to college are juster smarter and better educated than their peers even before going to college. Without college, this group of people might be equally successful."
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  • +6 +41 -35 Winterzombie Oct. 1, 2014
    "Is getting a degree that you wont be able to use for 10-15 years really worth the mountain of debt youre going to get? the economy is changing everyday. Jobs are looking for more hard workers whether they have a degree or not. Going to college can put you in a great deal of debt that you will pay off for the rest of your life. and if you cant keep up on the payments with the poor job you get then you are screwed. College is a great experience, but is it really worth the 10-15 years of debt you will be paying back in the end? FAFSA doesn't cover it completely."
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    • -2 +3 -5 Tristyn Oct. 10, 2014
      "Well, that's an interesting assumption, considering those who graduate college have a higher chance if being employed for longer than those who only have only a high school education. Even if you don't get a job right awaythat pertains to your degree, doesn't mean you won't get one. It seems a big reason people don't think college is worth is because of money. But honestly, in my opinion, of course, if that's your only or main reason, you're kind of narrow minded. I don't and never have had a lot of money, but I'm still going to college. Not to specifically point you out, but I'm trying to make a point."
  • +5 +19 -14 Michael Feb. 8, 2016
    "College is not worth it because most of what it teaches is so far disconnected from the real world it's useless. THis is coming from an engineering student who has had the same internship for the past 3 years. and out of the past three years I have learned more than college could have ever taught me. Hell I can do more things at my job than one of our recent hires (he has been there for 9 months now) which is an engineer who has a bachelors degree. Right now I realize that the only good thing college is for is the degree. Other than that it teaches you very little tangible skills or understanding of problems in a real word context."
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    • +1 +1 0 Joseph Feb. 23, 2017
      "But could you have acquired that internship without going to college"
  • +5 +24 -19 henry niemann Mar. 22, 2015
    "Obtaining a college degree has become the 21century's equivalent of white Victorian missionaries argument that conversion to Christianity is the only path to salvation and wealth. Those who are ardent supporters of the idea that any and all college degree is vastly better than none, also believe in the education gospel. Some college has value, but the hype that all must get a degree in order to have worth, value and riches is a scam most trumpeted by the College industrial complex. We would be better served is half of the energy and money which is pumped into the college or bust machine would be spent on high school
    vocational and career programs."
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    • +5 +6 -1 Michael Mar. 30, 2015
      "Thank you someone finally gets it."
  • +3 +4 -1 Dood Feb. 27, 2018
    "its easier to get when your wealthy, but not as important,you might be set for life. If you are poor, its more important to get but also harder..."
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  • +3 +7 -4 donald a. Mar. 2, 2017
    "considering 56% of people drop out of college in the united states after 6 years they must be doing something wrong and it costs so much money i say no to this extra years of school!!!"
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  • +3 +11 -8 matt dyer Apr. 27, 2016
    "When people graduate college and have to pay as many year they went they will be completely paid off in their 30s"
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  • +2 +3 -1 link Jan. 8, 2019
    "Lose tons of cash"
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  • +1 +3 -2 miya May. 22, 2018
    "no some people graduate from college and dont get the job they went to college for"
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  • +1 +34 -33 ariella delice Jan. 18, 2015
    "Is getting a degree what you want you will not want it for long you spend 10-15 years for what? So no one will give you a job, great reason. College just takes your money, so what's the point."
    1250 characters left
    • +6 +6 0 Ms. W. Feb. 4, 2015
      "Many people with college educations get stable jobs in the field they studied in college. We need people from all walks of life doing all kinds of jobs, so there is no shame if someone doesn't want to go to college. However, I am an example of someone who went to a four-year college, got a job in my field, and have been working in that field for nine years. I've also gone on to get my master's degree online so my salary will advance. College doesn't "just take your money." It helps people know what they're interested in and what types of careers are available. If someone doesn't take college seriously, then, sure, it's a waste, but for those of us who work diligently to rise to the challenge of college-level work, it's a satisfying experience."
  • 0 +5 -5 Marilyn J Leger Nov. 18, 2017
    "Re: top 10 richest individuals with & without college degrees.
    This comment only raises issues -- it does not come down firmly on one side or the other.

    May I point out that the Waltons had a substantial head-start with their respective inheritances
    The Koch brothers inherited Koch Industries -- albeit they developed & grew it

    Also, compare the ages of those with & without college degrees. Which side has more younger billionaires? I count it as 3 on the with college degree side & 5 on the non-college degree side which means there's still a significant amount of time for those 8 to accrue more wealth.

    This listing is only one data point."
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  • -1 +12 -13 say no to golf Jan. 19, 2017
    "I personally feel like the "sport" of golf is way to boring tbh"
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    • +1 +2 -1 Golf is boring Nov. 1, 2017
  • -5 +18 -23 Amber May. 27, 2015
    "1 word. TRADES. What about the people who work in the trades? They totally have a fantastic pay, amazing career, crazy benefits, and a great opportunity to help people."
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  • -10 +26 -36 Carebear Aug. 22, 2014
    "The CON arguments are very weak. College hurts seniors? What?"
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    • -1 +3 -4 Elliott Sep. 11, 2014
      "Going to a college is a choice, which means a tough one on that. The problem that I will have if I go to college is that I learn in different ways then most people. I'd rather watch 5 1 to 3 minute long videos then be in college. That's just how I process things in life, but I'm 14 so who knows if it will be the best thing for me right now. As of yet, I'm leaning slightly over to the answer of no, but it's much too early for a lot of us decide."
    • -2 +1 -3 brielle Oct. 27, 2014
      "no it does not all you have to do is go to school and do what u are told"
  • -16 +29 -45 Nathanial Richardson Apr. 29, 2014
    "I don't think it is worth it.You lose too much money,you become bankrupt,and some people succeded in the world,like Apple and coca-cola."
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    • +2 +2 0 Hance Apr. 18, 2016
      "Work through college; you don't "lose" a damned thing and you don't go bankrupt. Stupid, with a college degree, is still stupid."
    • +2 +3 -1 Ms. W. Feb. 4, 2015
      "I'm making much more money with my college degree than I would have made doing something else. The problem with citing examples of people like Steve Jobs is that these cases are much more rare. I would like to see a statistic on the number of people who didn't go to college and have created million or billion dollar companies in comparison to people who did go to college who created successful companies. If you have the motivation and self-taught knowledge to be an entrepreneur, then go for it. If you don't, you may end up with a job you dislike with lower pay and poor benefits."
    • -4 +2 -6 jorgecastrothe hird May. 6, 2014
      "its worth a shot you know my cousin said that too u know"
  • -21 +26 -47 Marleni L. Oct. 3, 2014
    "I Think That College education is not worht is becaus the debt will consume you if you do not have enough to pay the money back. i also think that the stress is not worth it when you can have a good job without the need of a college degree. lastly I think that if you feel like you can not complete college then dont even try to go or get financial aid if your just going to drop out. Stop waisting your money and the govenments money."
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    • +4 +5 -1 Tristyn Oct. 10, 2014
      "Most of this comment is honestly just you being really down about it. Have you even tried looking at the pros of going to college? If you feel like you can't do something you just quit? That's ridiculous. If you feel like you can't do something, you try your hardest to do it and if you fail you at least know you tried. Quitting isn't going to get you anywhere, and telling others to quit if they think they can't do it is just foolish. I respect your opinion, but telling people to just quit isn't right."
    • +2 +2 0 TxGem Nov. 29, 2015
      "I say, borrow only for college and forget about fancy clothes and jewelry. Students get carried away applying for loans through there college financial aid office to buy crap that has nothing to do with school & books and go back the following 2 weeks asking for another loan. A semester of classes doesnt cost $9,000! The consequences are that loans need to be paid back 6 months after graduation, if not any job you get, they will garnish wages to get their money back and you have no choice but to pay it back if you have kids and need to feed them, you got to work and you will have to pay those student loans back!"
  • -31 +21 -52 jorgecastro May. 6, 2014
    "no it wont get you anywheree and i cant afford it its to much some people succed others dont"
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    • +6 +7 -1 Tristyn Oct. 10, 2014
      "Some succeed because they work for it. They go to college and work to get to where they are now. It doesn't just happen. Although some people have become very successful without going to college, it's a very slim chance that most people are going to be as successful."
    • +6 +7 -1 Batman May. 8, 2014
      "That's not true just because you don't think its good doesn't mean it's not good."